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February 02, 2023

PDF 阅读,批注,引用使用

小书匠从 8.11.9 版本开始,提供 PDF 阅读,批注等功能。用户可以直接在小书匠内阅读 PDF 文档,并进行文字高亮,引用等操作。

阅读 PDF 入口

  1. 新建一篇文章,将想要阅读的 PDF 文件拖拽到文章内。

2. 点击 PDF 附件,在弹出的浮动窗口里,进行 PDF 阅读,批注。





  1. 将批注添加到笔记里

  1. 批注引用


The Home, End, Page up, Page down and all arrow keys can be used to navigate the document. Moreover, the following navigation shortcuts exist:

  • Next page: n, j, Space bar (presentation mode only), Enter (presentation mode only) or left click (presentation mode only)
  • Previous page: p, k, Shift + Space bar (presentation mode only), Shift + Enter (presentation mode only) or Shift + left click (presentation mode only)

Viewer controls

User interface buttons or ctrl + mouse wheel can be used to change the zooming level, but keyboard shortcuts are also available:

  • 放大: ctrl + +, ctrl + =
  • 缩小: ctrl + -
  • 恢复默认大小: ctrl + 0
  • 顺时针旋转: r
  • 逆时针旋转: shift + r
  • 演示模式: ctrl + alt + p (does not work in IE11)
  • Enable the hand tool: h
  • Enable the text selection tool: s
  • Move focus to the 'go to page' box: ctrl + alt + g
  • 查找: ctrl + f
  • Find next occurrence of text in the document: ctrl + g
  • Find previous occurrence of text in the document: shift + ctrl + g
  • Download the document: ctrl + s
  • Print the document: ctrl + p

(replace ctrl with meta on some configurations)

Outline sidebar

  • Use F4 to toggle the visibility of the sidebar.
  • After showing the sidebar, click on the "Show document outline" button to show the document outline (if the PDF file has one).
  • Nested outline items can be expanded/collapsed by clicking on the triangles at the left of an item.
  • To expand/collapse all items under the selected item, press Shift while clicking on the triangle.
  • Double-click on the "Show document outline" button to expand/collapse all outline items.
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